What I do

Below you find a selection of learning experiences I designed for young creative professionals.



In the minor Gamification we seek to understand, challenge or change the rules that govern their lives and society through play. What are the written and unwritten rules determining social reality? We discover, visualize and creatively change these rules in order to understand the consequences for all stakeholders in public life (citizens, non-profits, governments). As a student you will be challenged to design on a new level incorporating playful design methods, social skills and new knowledge from the fields of anthropology, sociology and media studies.  This minor is co-designed with Bruno Setola


Media theory

The media theory course takes a closer look at the social context of digital images and the way they spread online,  visual language and the conventions in which they emerged. Think of the funny YouTube or pictures you post on Facebook. The class is a combination of discussion, reading and writing to look from a distance at visual culture online and form your own position.



Framing/reframing is a Bildung (personal development) course for young professional teacher.
During the course students develop a "self-portrait" of their professional role as a teacher / artist / kunsteducator. Students explore and learn how to give words to what they do and what they see as valuable in educationWhere are you from? Who are your heroes? The course involves a Human Library, analyzing movies about education and practical methods for reflection.